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Postby Hannah Bob » 15 Dec 2008, 23:51

hello all - sorry if this is in the wrong area i wasnt sure where to post?

I am really interested im all sorts of medieval music as i play rebec and fiddle at shows (and soon hurdy gurdy as soon as it made) but so far i have concentrated mainly of french, english and italian music but a few weeks ago i discovered a song attributed to medieval sweden - Herr Mannelig and i was wondering if any one here had any more information on it - the version i have got is by garmarna ... re=related

what i am wondering is if this the original melody or if there is any other versions. and any other info about the song really - i have the translation and get the gist that its about a mountain troll trying to bribe a knight into marrying her but he wont because she is a troll and not a good christian woman!

it got me thinking because i really liked this song what other swedish medieval songs are known so hopefully i can learn to play them and incorporate into our displays

Hannah Bob

Re: music

Postby Peter » 15 Dec 2008, 23:59


There are loads and loads of songs, but to my knowledge, none of us here are knowledgeable aneough to tell you about it. My best bet would be Erik Ask-Uppmark and Anna Rynefors - authorities on medieval music in Sweden. They might well know. If you like, I can post you their email - I'm sure they know about plenty more songs.
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