Military Fireworks

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Military Fireworks

Postby Andi » 09 Jul 2017, 09:43

for all interested in military fireworks such as incendiary devices, grenades, fire bombs or pitch garlands, this book is most valuable and the best start for research:

Alfred Geibig:
"Die Macht des Feuers / Might and Fire". Ernstes Feuerwerk des 15. – 17. Jahrhunderts im Spiegel seiner sächlichen Überlieferung / An Object-based-Survey of Serious Fireworks of the 15th – 17th Centuries.
363 pages, 319 illustrations. Text in English and German.
ISBN 978-3-87472-089-2

Avaiable at the shop of Coburg Castle: ... =2&seite=1
Price EUR 25,00
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