14th century events

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Re: 14th century events

Postby Peter » 04 Aug 2010, 08:51

Great outfit!
Mordlysten krigsman, rå och hård i hjertat,
Och med ett samvete som helvet rymligt,
Skall rasa fritt med blodbestänkta händer
Och meja edra friska jungfrur af
Och edra fagra spenabarn som gräs
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Re: 14th century events

Postby Hyväri » 04 Aug 2010, 23:32

Thank you. Well, as you know, one has to be "protected" when you go against the poles. Well actually I was on their side, but you know what I mean. The body protection is a coat-of-plates wich I bought from the internet, with the silly notion that it would be a brigandine as it was named by the manufacturer. Maybe it is just sematics, but I expected that a brigandine would have horizontal scales as a coat-of-plates has vertical scales. Oh well, I am quite happy with it anyway. Now this is starting to seem like an of topic, and my humble apologies for that...
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